Healthy Recipe Round Up Jan 31st-Feb 6th

I like to plan out my meals for the whole week starting on Sunday. This helps me save time and money through out the week. I spent a lot of last week rushing to cook my breakfast and put together a lunch last week. So this week during meal planning I decided to do a lot more prep work and pack some easy grab and go breakfasts and lunches for the office. I went with two of the major food trends on Pinterest right now: Overnight Oats, and Superfood/Power bowls.

I have made overnight oats before, but this is my first experience with the power bowl trend. I have chosen several recipes for breakfast lunch and dinners listed below with links to the original posts. I purchased my groceries earlier today and this method actually came out cheaper than my normal grocery bill. I spent about $58 for everything. The prep of the meals took me about an hour and a half today. All of it was really easy and there are no complicated steps at all. I will be eating these throughout the week, so be sure to check back next week for how they turned out.



I am doing 3 different kinds of Overnight Oats. All taken from this blog post over at Another Root. I chose the Blueberry Muffin, Carrot Cake, and Banana Nut Muffin recipes. I am particularly excited but also nervous to try the carrot cake version!



Lunches this week are going to be superfood/power bowls. I chose two simple recipes with lots of veggies from Camille Styles. I am making the quinoa bowl and the green + protein bowl. Both of these recipes look delicious and I am actually pretty excited for lunch tomorrow. You can find the details on these recipes here.



For dinners, I am a little less prepared since I have the freedom to cook these myself at night. Today,  I made White Beans with Kale and Sausage adapted from this recipe posted on Its My Side of Life. I will post the adapted recipe that I used later this week along with the recipe for another one of my favorite simple dinners, Simple Pan-Seared Pork Chops, which I will also be making.


Be sure to check back for updates and reviews on the above plus next weeks meal plan.


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